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Storage Area

Why SERVPRO of Dubuque

If you have a Water or Fire loss and need the contents of your home or business packed and moved out, SERVPRO of Dubuque has the capability to do handle that. SERVPRO of Dubuque's facility is equipped with climate controlled and secured storage units. 

Fully loaded Trailer with Drying Equipment

Why choose SERVPRO?

Several reasons...for starters SERVPRO of Dubuque's Team Members are ALWAYS READY, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we have your back. We also have trailers fully loaded with state of the art equipment that will have your structures back. 

No matter the time or the size of loss we are ready to respond to make it

"Like it never even happened."

Small D385 Desiccant

Why choose SERVPRO? Because we have the most sophisticated, cutting edge equipment.  In addition to our hybrid 5000 CFM desiccant dehumidifier we have small desiccants that are designed to remove the moisture from hard to dry materials like hardwood floors and ceramic tile.

35KW Generator


Equipment and Capacity. 

SERVPRO of Dubuque is the largest, best staffed and most equipped remediation contractor in the Tri-State Area.

Whether you experience a fire, water damage or are in need of mold remediation, SERVPRO of Dubuque has the properly trained people and the commercial grade equipment for a job of any size.

Clarity Clinic Golf Outing - Eagle Ridge Golf Course


SERVPRO of Dubuque is a locally owned franchise, part of a team of over 1,700 SERVPRO locations in the US and Canada.

Our team is comprised of people from the local community and we make a point of being very involved in our community.  

We sponsor several area golf outings and fund raising events every year.  This summer we were proud to sponsor an event for the Clarity Clinic, for the first time.

The event was held at Eagle Ridge Golf Course at the Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena, IL and was a huge success.

We are committed to continuing to support events in our community.

FLIR report from water damage

SERVPRO of Dubuque uses the latest technology to make sure that every effort is made to discover hidden water damaged that might be overlooked.  Our use of FLIR or thermal imaging cameras allow us to detect the slight temperature differentials that can indicate cooling from evaporation.

Desiccant Set

Why SERVPRO? Because we have the best equipment available in the restoration industry.  For more info on our hybrid Desiccant dehumidifier, please see our Blog titled Desiccant Dehumidifier.

This is a photo our our 5000CFM Desiccant which was used to dry a large habitational building.

Restoring stairway after soot damage

Here is a progress photo of the stairway that I already posted with all of the photos removed showing the extent of the soot damage.

The repairs have been made and some of the painting is done.

I hope to get another photo once the customer has redecorated the wall.

Soot damaged stairway from residential fire

Here is an example of soot damage from a fire. The soot damage is made more obvious by the pictures that have been removed from the wall to be restored. 

I am glad to say that this home has been fully restored and I will be adding incredible before and after photos shortly.

Antique chandelier- excessive secondary moisture

Here is a photo of what was a beautiful antique chandelier on the second floor of a home that was subjected to 10 days of 100% humidity after a tank-less water heater ruptured in basement.

Tornado Damage

Tornadoes are one of the severe weather conditions that cause a tremendous amount of property damage across the Midwest each year.

This photo is from a dormitory complex at a local university that suffered tornado damage.

SERVPRO of Dubuque responded to help with the clean up.

Little broken pipe-big water damage

The water supply line to this toilet came disconnected and caused a severe water damage loss in a community building in Eastern Iowa.  Several thousands of gallons of water escaped overnight, resulting in thousands of dollars of property damage.

Water Extraction at Commercial Property

A commercial building, pending new occupancy, in Eastern Iowa was recently flooded by snow melt and early season rains.  SERVPRO of Dubuque was asked to help remove the muddy water from the building.  Using our heavy, truck mounted water extraction units, we were able to remove several thousand gallons of water from this building.

Since the building was currently unoccupied, we did not have any contents to manipulate or have to contend with any ongoing business operations during the project.

Once the bulk of the water had been removed from the building, we concentrated on drying the walls. In just over three days, the building was ready for the new tenants to move in.

SERVPRO of Dubuque gained another very happy customer!

Prepping new trim

Here is a photo of our shop where our crew has finished staining trim to go back into a home that had a water damage caused by storm damage.

As part of the drying process, it is often necessary to remove the base (floor trim) to remove wet carpet as well as to more effectively dry the walls.  In this case, the trim showed signs of microbial growth and needed to be replaced.

It is nice that our building in the Key West area of Dubuque has ample room to spread out and complete a project like this.

As the picture shows, there is a significant amount of beautiful trim being put back into the home as part of the restoration.

Tank-less Water Heater

This is an example of a broken water supply line at a connecting joint.  Normally when this occurs in the supply lines leaving a standard "tanked" water heater, it results in 30-60 gallons of hot water being released.  That is not the case when it happens on a tank-less water heater.  Please see our blog post "On Demand Water Heater"

Soda Blasting - Yes, it is baking soda!

Whether is is being used for mold remediation or soot removal of fire damaged building materials, soda blasting is our preferred media to blast with.  Similar to sand blasting or dry ice blasting, soda blasting is equally effective but less destructive.  In addition, residual material can help with odor and moisture control.

High Efficiency Desiccant - Residential Water Loss

Here is our 5000 CFM High Efficiency Desiccant.  This machine is 70% quieter and more fuel efficient than other desiccants on the market.  It is so quiet, in this photo, it is operating in a residential neighborhood in Galena, IL.  It was the most effective way to properly dry this historic home that experienced a significant water loss.

Smoke Odor-Hydroxl machine

A major issue with fire damage losses is the resulting smoke odor.  We use several techniques to reduce or remove the smell.  This is one of the pieces of equipment that we are able to use which is safe while residents remain in the household.  The air that passes thru this Hydroxyl  "fan" is cleaned by UV lights removing the odor.

Wood Deck Fire

Here is a photo of a wooden deck that caught on fire in Dubuque, IA.  As you can see, the fire also damaged the brick of the home where the deck attached to it.  On this job, we utilized soda blasting to clean the brick wall with out damaging it.

Small fire can result in large loss

This was a fire damage loss caused by a water heater that started on fire.  Although the fire was small and only resulted in some charring to the walls, the amount of soot and smoke odor was significant, as was the water damage from both the ruptured water heater and the water used to extinguish the smoldering fire.

Note: the water heater has been removed from the damaged area for this photo.

Water Extraction from Commercial Building

Here is another photo of our large water extraction machine removing water from a large commercial building.  Extraction is an important part of mitigation after a water loss.  It is much faster to remove the water mechanically than it is to remove the water through dehumidification.

Flood Cutting from water loss

When a water loss is significant or the damage is not mitigated quickly, we are forced to remove the drywall.  When this happens, we normally cut a specific height either 2 or 4 feet.  This allow the drywall to be reinstalled as easily as possible.

Water Extraction from Storm

Here is a photo of a weighted water extraction machine. When one of our technicians rides on the unit is allows us to extract water from the carpet and the pad. Which is particularly effective during storm work.

Mold Remediation- Demolition of materials #2

When a mold remediation is needed, we commonly have to remove drywall and other building materials that don't appear to be affected by the original water damage loss.  In this case, a water damage loss that was improperly mitigated, resulted in moisture in the wall cavities.  This unaddressed moisture resulted in significant mold growth.  The walls had to be removed and the framing had to be cleaned as well. Here is an example of the framing prior to remediation.

Mold Remediation- Demolition of materials #1

When a mold remediation is needed, we commonly have to remove drywall and other building materials that don't appear to be affected by the original water damage loss.  In this case, a water damage loss that was improperly mitigated, resulted in moisture in the wall cavities.  This unaddressed moisture resulted in significant mold growth.  The walls had to be removed and the framing had to be cleaned as well.

Mold as Secondary Damage from Water

Here is an example of what can happen when the secondary moisture from a water damage loss is not addressed.  This lamp was never damaged by the water damage, directly.  The humidity in the room resulted in mold growth on the lamp shade.

Mold from Water Damage

Here is a photo from a water damage in Galena, Illinois.  It was a secondary home that remained wet  for over a month.  As you can see the moisture from the carpet, wicked up the doors and mold began to grow on the wood services. This is another example of why it is so important to give us a call as soon as possible after an incident.

Fire Damage in Dubuque Iowa

This photo is a refrigerator that was determined to be the cause of a house fire. The power cord was kinked and smashed between the outlet and the back of the refrigerator.  This caused the cord to overheat and short out, causing the fire.  This home in Dubuque Iowa sustained significant fire, smoke and soot damage as well as water damage from the efforts to put out the fire.

Further Mud and Water Extraction

Here is another photo of SERVPRO of Dubuque's specialty equipment at work, extracting mud and water from a commercial building floor.  As you can tell from the photo the area behind the operator has already been done and the standing water is now just damp concrete.

Water and Mud extraction

Often, flood water carries mud with it when it when it enters a building.  Thank fully we have a machine that power washes while extracting the muddy water.  The machine also separates and re-uses its own water supply.

Water Extraction from Commercial Building

One of the secondary damages caused by a fire is the water left behind by the fire department.  In this case our SERVPRO of Dubuque crew is using one of our truck mounted extraction machines to remove as much surface water as possible before setting drying equipment.

Commercial Soot Damage Cleanup

Here is one of SERVPRO of Dubuque's crews cleaning up soot damage after a fire at a commercial building.  Soot damage can often be more costly than the damage caused by the actual fire.

Apartment Building Mold

This is a photo of what happens when a roof leaks rain water into a vacant apartment, and it goes unnoticed for several weeks.  This apartment building in Dubuque Iowa sustained significant mold growth.  Unfortunately for the property owner, all of the wall board, trim and doors will have to be removed and disposed of as part of our mold remediation process.

Infrared Cameras

Since water is very good at playing "Hide and Seek" we use several tools to try and locate water that has found a good hiding spot.  One of our most effective tools for this is the FLIR Infrared Camera.  This camera differentiates between different temperatures with in a structure and allows us to recognize hidden moisture by its heat signature.  

Mold above a drop ceiling

Water and mold are very good at playing "Hide and Seek"  In this case, we had a commercial building owner that had a water leak in a second floor apartment last year.  The area of the leak was directly above a common area with drop ceiling.  Unfortunately the contractor that was hired to re-mediate the water loss was not very thorough in their inspection and some of the water effectively hid from them.  Due to the area not being properly dried, a significant amount of mold grew as can be seen in the photo.  We were able to effectively re-mediate the mold problem once we brought it to the owners attention.  SERVPRO of Dubuque utilizes several pieces of cutting edge technology, including FLIR infrared cameras to prevent making the same mistake.  Using these tools, we can prevail against water or mold paying "Hide and Seek"

Donation to Habitat for Humanity

Our Terry Lenstra made a trip to Habitat for Humanity in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to drop off some lightly used construction materials.  It quite common for us to come across construction materials that have a lot of life left in them.  When we do, we try to find another use for these items instead of the landfill.  In this case we had some commercial windows that were being replaced as part of a larger project and so we donated the used windows to Habitat for Humanity for use on one of their future projects.  Thanks Terry for making the trip!

New Truck Mount - inside

Here is another photo of our new truck mount from inside the water truck. With this machine, we bring our own water to the jobsite, reclaim the water after extraction and the system applies cleaning solutions when needed!

New Truck Mount

We are excited about our new truck mount!  SERVPRO of Dubuque has replaced the truck mount in our water truck with a brand new ProChem Legend GT!  This machine is the work horse of the water restoration industry.  We utilize this machine for everything from Hot Water Washing and water extraction to Carpet Cleaning.

No Power? No Problem!

SERVPRO of Dubuque has two mobile generators a 50KW and a 30KW.  Both trailer mounted generators provide not only power generation but power distribution. Either of these two unique pieces of equipment can power a home or commercial building to provide necessary heat and/or run the equipment to restore your property when power is not available.

SERVPRO Tent at Golf Outing

Showing off our SERVPRO event tent at one of the many golf outings that we attend.  We are much better at giving out water and candy bars than we are at golfing!  For this reason you are more likely to see our marketing staff in the tent than on the tee box or green.  We also financially sponsor many of the events we attend.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

This carpet was obviously not in the best shape before SERVPRO got there, but with one run across the carpet you can see the extreme difference that we were able to make on this person's carpet.