Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Tornado Damage

Tornadoes are one of the severe weather conditions that cause a tremendous amount of property damage across the Midwest each year.

This photo is from a dormitory complex at a local university that suffered tornado damage.

SERVPRO of Dubuque responded to help with the clean up.

Prepping new trim

Here is a photo of our shop where our crew has finished staining trim to go back into a home that had a water damage caused by storm damage.

As part of the drying process, it is often necessary to remove the base (floor trim) to remove wet carpet as well as to more effectively dry the walls.  In this case, the trim showed signs of microbial growth and needed to be replaced.

It is nice that our building in the Key West area of Dubuque has ample room to spread out and complete a project like this.

As the picture shows, there is a significant amount of beautiful trim being put back into the home as part of the restoration.

Water Extraction from Storm

Here is a photo of a weighted water extraction machine. When one of our technicians rides on the unit is allows us to extract water from the carpet and the pad. Which is particularly effective during storm work.

Further Mud and Water Extraction

Here is another photo of SERVPRO of Dubuque's specialty equipment at work, extracting mud and water from a commercial building floor.  As you can tell from the photo the area behind the operator has already been done and the standing water is now just damp concrete.

Water and Mud extraction

Often, flood water carries mud with it when it when it enters a building.  Thank fully we have a machine that power washes while extracting the muddy water.  The machine also separates and re-uses its own water supply.

No Power? No Problem!

SERVPRO of Dubuque has two mobile generators a 50KW and a 30KW.  Both trailer mounted generators provide not only power generation but power distribution. Either of these two unique pieces of equipment can power a home or commercial building to provide necessary heat and/or run the equipment to restore your property when power is not available.