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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Thank you SERVPRO of Dubuque!  We had a mold problem that resulted from a water damage to our basement in Dubuque.  SERVPRO had a local mold testing company determine how extensive the damage was.  They then protected the other areas of our home and removed the mold.  The mold consultant from MB Mold and Air Quality Testing took samples and confirmed that the project was successful. Our home is now fully repaired and looks like the problem never happened!

I recommend their services to all my friends and family.

Rick C.

Dubuque, IA

As one of the only Council Certified Indoor Environmentalists in the Dubuque area, I have consulted on several mold remediation projects for SERVPRO of Dubuque.  They have always followed my recommendations and acted in accordance with their duties as certified mold remediators.  I urge all of my customers to select a contractor that is properly trained, certified and insured to do the specific work that is needed.  SERVPRO of Dubuque has always met these requirements.


Bob V

We will be recommending SERVPRO of Dubuque to our friends and family!  We had some mold in several areas in our home due to some humidity issues.  The team from SERVPRO of Dubuque protected the other areas of our home and took care of the mold problems.  The project went very smoothly and the people were very courteous and helpful.  Our home looks great.  Thank you SERVPRO of Dubuque.

Don Michels

Bellevue, Iowa

My parents had a leaky dishwasher which resulted in mold under the kitchen floor. SERVPRO took care of everything, eliminating the mold. The whole crew was courteous, patient and very professional. We would recommend SERVPRO of Dubuque, to anyone! Nancy R., Dubuque Iowa

During the severe storms last summer I had water leak into my living room from a gutter that was damaged.  I was unaware of the water damage until the carpet began to get wet a couple weeks later.  SERVPRO came to investigate and found out that the walls and floor had been wet for quite some time.  When the furniture was moved, there was black mold growing on the wall.  Mold was also found under the carpet when it was removed.  A mold inspector from MB Mold and Air Quality Testing took air samples and found that only a couple of rooms were affected.  The people from SERVPRO hung plastic on all of the doorways of the rooms and tubed filtered air out the windows.  After they removed everything and cleaned everything, mold tests done my MB Mold and Air Quality Testing found that the home no longer had elevated mold counts.

Thank you SERVPRO of Dubuque for taking care of my water damage and mold problems.

A. Crandall

SERVPRO of Dubuque performed a mold project at my home in Peosta Iowa recently.  We had a serious mold growth in our basement caused by a leaking water line.  They were able take care of the problem with very little mess and the results afterward were outstanding.  The soda washing process they used resulted in clean framing where there had been mold before. Our mold problem is gone and the air quality tests after the project was completed confirmed this.

Thank you SERVPRO of Dubuque!