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Water Damage Testimonials

Friendly employees - kept us informed throughout the process.

We received this testimonial from a customer related to a water damage project at his home.  A leaking water supply line caused damage to his kitchen.

The SERVPRO personnel displayed professionalism and excellent customer customer service.

I was impressed overall.  I would use SERVPRO again if needed.

Stephen N.

I cannot recommend this place enough! Todd and Bob are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We had water in our basement from a pipe leak. Thanks to SERVPRO, we now have a clean basement with zero residual damage and my sanity is intact. I am so grateful to know I can call them when stressful home issues arise!!

Hillary Baker

We had a surprise water damage from a frozen outside faucet flooded our basement. We were overwhelmed, but SERVPRO was just amazing. cleaned everything with minimal disruption to our lives and schedules.

Their crew were very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bob Bott

Dubuque, IA 

We received this testimonial from a water damage caused by a broken pipe.

SERVPRO of Dubuque consistently communicated with me during each step of the process.  The staff were very professional and provided excellent customer service while at my house.

The SERVPRO of Dubuque personnel were kind and knowledgeable and they listened to what my concerns were.


We had a plumbing leak (literally water pouring from a pipe located in the upstairs shower stall into our lower level bathroom), that heavily saturated one wood paneled wall, and all of the wall-to-wall carpeting. After finally getting the water shut off, we realized quick action was necessary to save the paneling and carpet from permanent damage and costly replacement. Within the hour your SERVPRO staff came exactly at the same time as our plumbers. Plumbers located and repaired the problem, and your SERVPRO reps immediately began the clean-up of all that water, even as the plumbers were finishing up.  Expertly removing the carpeting up and away from the walls, they then set up several huge driers to air and dry the bathroom from the floor to the walls, and applied the anti-mold/mildew and disinfecting agents to insure the preservation of both paneling and carpet. The carpet was completely intact, in such perfect condition, we were able to have professional carpet installers re-tack that wall-to-wall carpet back into place. No stains, no mold/mildew issues and especially no need to replace any of the carpet or paneling. Amazing!  Today that bathroom is still in pristine condition - literally - "Like it never even happened."!  We'll never call anyone else - you are the best in the business - SERVPRO!  Many thanks to you all! Sincerely, Howard & Nancy Klauer

The people that work for SERVPRO of Dubuque did a great job on my home that was damaged when a pipe broke.  They were very professional and worked well with my insurance company to clean up the mess and repair the damage.

I will definitely recommend SERVPRO of Dubuque to others.

Steve N.

Galena, IL

SERVPRO OF DUBUQUE responded the same evening my downstairs "flooded".  Due to their timely response and thorough work over the following days, damage to my home was greatly minimized.  I am very appreciative of the competent people who helped me out from SERVPRO OF DUBUQUE.  I highly recommend their services.

Julie Burgmeier